miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

My name is Ricardo.
I am 47 years old.
I live in Tegueste.
I am an English teacher at CEIP "Princesa Tejina".
My favourite sport is football.
I´ve got two daughters. Their names are Alba and Esther.
They are fifteen and six years old.
I can play the guitar, but I can´t play the piano.
Can you write a description about yourself?
See you soon!
Thank you very much to el maestro Pablo.

9 comentarios:

  1. Thank You Ricardo.... y dado que no quiero cometer faltas escribiendo en inglés te mando este saludo en español.
    Anímense todos y vamos a hacer de esta herranienta un recurso útil para todos

  2. Hi
    My name is Yenifer.
    I am 11 year old.
    I live in Tejina.
    I am a pupil at CEIP "Princesa Tejina".
    I like Maths.
    I have got a sister.Her name is Cynthia.
    I can swim ,but I can´t play football.
    By: Yenifer 5ºB y 6ºB

  3. Hi everyone!
    My name's Sole.
    I'm 43 years old. I live in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. I'm an English teacher at Narciso Brito School, in La Cuesta, La Laguna.
    I like travelling and watching F1 races on TV.
    I've got a sister. She's a nurse.
    When I was a child, my favourite subjects were English and PE.
    I can play darts, but I can´t play the guitar.

  4. Hi!*
    My name is María.
    I am 11 years old.I live in Tejina.
    I am pupil at CEIP "Princesa Tejina"
    I can play volleyball, but I can´t play tennis
    I have got a sister. Her name is Sara.
    By: María 5ºB y 6ºB

  5. Hi
    My name is Nayara
    I am 12 year old.
    I live in Tejina.I am a pupil at CEIP "princesa Tejina"
    I like music.
    I have got sister.her name is Yanira.
    By :Nayara 6ªB

  6. Hi.
    My name is Carolina*.
    I am 10 years old.
    I like play the Piano and play Volley Ball

  7. Hi!!
    My name is Devora.
    I am 13 year old.
    I live in Tejina.
    I am pupil at CEIP "PRINCESA TEJINA".
    I like hot dog.
    I have got a sister.Her name is Nazareth.
    I can swim and play vollevol.
    From:Devora 6ºB.

  8. hello soi anonymous
    and i am 13 years old,
    i like the football and nadar,
    iam live in Tejina,

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    Gracias y un saludo